Ren’Py Save Editor – Easily Edit Your Ren’Py Game’s Save Files

Ren’Py is mostly a visual novel engine that has been quite popular lately in the adult gaming industry. Developers sometimes…

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Ren’Py is mostly a visual novel engine that has been quite popular lately in the adult gaming industry. Developers sometimes add unnecessary grind, stats, and currency to extend their games. Some people like me mostly enjoy a tame amount of grind but there are also people who like to only enjoy the story and characters. For them, the grind can be tiresome. There are also some developers who are notorious for making their game a grind fest. So to fix these problems, you need something that can manipulate the parameters and eliminate the grinds. If that is the case, a Save Editor is a very good tool for you. If you know some console commands then you can do that as well.

For Example, if you dont want to grind in-game money in a Ren’Py game, you can use the Save Editor to add as much money as you want in your in game walleto, increase stats of your character etc.

A forum user named Last Moment has created a tool that can easily edit your Ren’Py save files. It works fairly well for Ren’Py visual novels.

Download and install .NET Framework 4.5 Download From Microsoft.

Save Editor Download:

Ren’Py Save Editor


  • Modify Save file in place.
  • Search for variable or value.

How To:

  • Run the Save Editor.
  • Click on the “Load Ren’Py Save” button on the top right.
  • Open the save file. It is usually in the /game/save folder.
    e.g. G:\Harem_Hotel-v0.11.2-pc\game\saves
  • Now you can see a list of variables. You can search a variable or value in the search box on the right side.
    Tip: If you want to increase money for example and don’t know which variable’s value to edit there is an easier way. Simply play the game and keep the money (for example) in an uneven value, like $137. Save the game and now search the variable. Now you can find the variable easily.
  • Enter a suitable value and click on Apply Change button.
  • Now close the Save Editor and enter the game and see if the value is edited successfully.



  • Version 1.6.1
    – Remove Beta from Title
    – Added Save File Name when opened
    – Fixed the malware issue
  • Version 1.6
    – Added Option to try to filter Ren’Py Dialogs text
    – Added Support for more variables i.e. should display money for games like Fallout
    – Fixed the crush bug while reading some save files like The Awakening
  • Version 1.5
    • Added ability to override the integer variable maximum.
    • Added ability to change the string variables.
    • New Icon.
    • Some UI Tweaks.
  • Version 1.4 and before
    • Added Support for Complex objects/structure.
    • Added Option to hide Ren’Py related variables.
    • New Ren’Py related icon.
    • Fixed Detection of String variables.
    • Few UI Tweaks.
    • Added Progress Bar while loading and writing save file
    • Change the App Ren’Py Icon (Solves the trojan false detection!!!)
    • Update to .NET framework 4.5.
    • Added Support for Boolean Variables
    • Added Support for String Variable (Readonly)
    • Added Inital Support for Ren’Py Unicode (Used in Games like Depraved Awakening)
    • Case Insensitive Filter
    • Improved Variable Extraction
    • Colorful Grid based on Variable Type
    • Fixed Search for Variables
    • Improved Loading and Saving Variables
    • Added ability to filter and search for a variable / value
    • Added Maximum Value that the variable can hold
    • Added Filter some of the Ren’Py Engine Variables

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